20 Random Things about ME

I sometimes think I come across as serious and boring on the blog because I share all my deep thoughts. I'd like to think I am more light and airy with a few dark clouds. wink. wink. I was challenged on Instagram to share 20 random things about myself and since I hate typing on my phone I thought I would share them here instead.  So here are some more pieces to my puzzle. I should add...that thinking of 20 things about myself to share is hard work- I might need a nap later. Ha!   Here goes nothing:     1. I LOVE to … [Continue Reading...]


Meet THIS Mormon

My name is Kallie and I am a Mormon.   I don't talk a lot about my religion on the blog, and it's not because I am embarrassed or ashamed, it is  because I don't feel like I need to tell you what I believe- I NEED you to see in me what I believe.  Does that make sense? People can tell you all kinds of things, they can say all kinds of words, but how they live their life will tell you way more about a person than the words they say or the religion they claim. I believe this with all my heart and I hope you see in me what I believe it … [Continue Reading...]


Your PURPOSE is already within YOU

    I get asked all the time how I found my worth after so many years of wandering around feeling worthless. I have thought a lot about this very thing. What flipped the switch for me? What took me from worrying about what everyone thought about me to loving myself and knowing who I was and my worth.   For years I tried to earn my worth by doing. Believing the more I did, the more I accomplished, the more worth I would have- the more lovable I would be. The more I did, the more disappointed I became in myself when … [Continue Reading...]


Changing our Focus- Beautiful YOU

    Last week I started the Beautiful You challenge on social media. I started  it because it is hard for me to look in the mirror and love anything that I see. I see pictures and I pick myself apart. I know I am not the only one in the world who struggles with this. I have seen it here, there, and everywhere. People aren't sure how to love themselves right now. They will love themselves when they are worthy of loving themselves, but they have to fix a few things first. They want to love themselves when they have earned it- … [Continue Reading...]

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Are you a FIXER or a Builder?

This is a post I have been avoiding.  It is one I am going to freak out when I hit the publish button BUT I am going to write it anyway in the hopes that maybe just one person is impacted by my words.   I have an eating disorder.   I restrict what I eat to the point of starvation. I do this when I am stressed, when I feel like I am not in control of things in my life, when I am sad or frustrated. I also do this when I compare my body to someone else's. The majority of my life I have struggled with never feeling and being … [Continue Reading...]


Why are People so MEAN?

Why are people so mean??? I have been asking myself this same question for awhile now, and I have seen many of you asking the same question the last few days.  What causes people to forget their humanity and go hog wild with judgment and hate? Are they just hateful people? Do they believe their crap doesn't stink? Or maybe they were born HEARTLESS like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz? If only, the Emerald City, with it's cure all Wizard really existed for these mean people because that would explain everything. Instead we are left to … [Continue Reading...]


How I choose LOVE in the face of Tragedy-

Yesterday's post went viral and with that comes the good, the bad and the UGLY. There were the me too comments, the heartfelt comments, and the comments that asked "how I could ever feel okay about what happened?" and those are the comments I want to address.   If there is one thing I have learned in this life it is that I don't have to be okay with someone's choices/mistakes or the outcome of that choice to continue to love them through it.   As I am a religious person the only way I can think to explain this way of … [Continue Reading...]


The Imperfect Mom- You are NOT Alone….

I have been sick to my stomach ever since I read this story on the news. I have read the comments and I can feel the hate in people's hearts towards this mom. My stomach churns knowing she is reading what people are writing about her and what it must be doing to her. Words destroy people and you cannot convince me other wise.   I think the thing that makes me the sickest is all the mom's out there belittling and ripping her apart as a mom- turning their noses up LIKE THEY WILL NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE. (that is me yelling that sentence.) … [Continue Reading...]

The Power of Words

The Impossible- The Power of Words Series

    Words are a funny thing. No matter how effortlessly they fly off the tongue, their weight is undeniable; if not for the speaker, then for the listener and if not in the present, then in the future. At their best they become a catalyst from which we set great things in motion. At their worst the able-bodied become crippled. I was not going to become crippled. Not willingly. In spring of 2003 I was fortunate to become a patient of a top neurologist in the country. Unfortunately, I was only sixteen. My list of priorities … [Continue Reading...]

The Power of Words

Words can Sting

    I think everyone can look back in their life and remember something that someone said that HURT. I would also venture to say that most of us could remember something from junior high school that fits that bill. Junior high was one of the hardest times of my life in growing up. While I was not literally beat up, I was definitely figuratively beat up by a few mean girls. And, I can honestly tell you that I am thankful for those difficult experiences. Around that time period, one girl even spray-painted on our community’s … [Continue Reading...]