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Body LOVE Women’s Retreat

  Are you ready to make the change to loving yourself and your body? Do you find the world's message confusing and you want to fight back against the body shame epidemic? Does your self perception hold you back from relationships, activities or living life? If any of this rings true this retreat is for YOU!!! We will be tackling body shame, dieting and what is healthy, body image and intimacy, mindfulness, self perception, and self worth.  Our goal is to CHANGE the GAME!!!   When: Friday, April 29th - Sunday, May … [Continue Reading...]


Womens Clothing and Mens Thoughts- An interesting conversation I had with a man.

I know you have all seen a post or two on the internet lately dealing with a situation that involved a woman's choice of clothing and how it affects mens thoughts. The last few weeks they have been blowing up my news feed. I wouldn't normally share my 2 cents on this topic because I don't enjoy the fire storm of contention and opinions that ensue on this topic. However, I had an opportunity to share my thoughts with a man yesterday and I wanted to share the experience because what I shared is something to really think about. Atleast I think … [Continue Reading...]


A Peek into my Inbox and How I Chose to Respond

I received an email this weekend that kinda threw me for a loop. Take a gander into my inbox:   Hi Kallie,   I was referred to your site by a friend. She talked so highly of you and the things you promote, so naturally I was excited to head on over and read all the goodness she was talking about. After taking sometime to read, I was really disappointed and I wanted to let you know you should be ashamed of yourself and the things you promote there. Obesity is a serious problem and going around promoting that everyone should … [Continue Reading...]


Excuses vs. Priorities

Have you ever had a morning when you wake up and everything you seem to take in is toxic? The things that don't make you feel good, let alone want to do good?   I had a morning like that not too long ago. In fact it was on Saturday. I woke up and made the mistake of checking my phone and Facebook. The first thing in my feed was this:     The article was about how she was "fat shaming" which I don't think her intentions ( we always have to take into consideration what peoples intentions are, because the majority … [Continue Reading...]


Santa’s Workshop- Holiday Shopping for a Good Cause

Your one stop shop for all your Holiday gift giving needs.     The Holiday's are here and we here at Smitten want to help make your Holiday shopping a little bit easier this year! The BEST part of it all, whenever you buy something here at Santa's Workshop all the profits go to our Santa's Helping Hands Fund. If you ask me that is a win WIN.  You can check some things off your list, and Smitten can help make this Christmas magical for a family in need and I think that sounds pretty awesome. Go ahead and check out all the parties … [Continue Reading...]


Santa’s Helping Hands

Can you believe Christmas is only 42 days away? It's time to rally the troops!   I want to make this Christmas MAGICAL and I am hoping YOU will want in on the magic too. This will be Smitten's first year but I am hoping we can make it a successful one and continue on the tradition for many years to come. I hope you will join me, because I know when we ALL work together, each of our small parts add up to create something BIGGER than we ever dreamed possible. So that means I need YOU. You are apart of this thing and without you the … [Continue Reading...]


Changing Your Focus

      I had the BEST conversation today with my good friend Shawna and I hope she is cool that I am sharing. She was feeling super stuck on her weight, the weight she was not losing but felt like she should be, her exercise and how discouraging it felt when her work out times were not what she thought they should be. The voices in her head were raging with their you are not enough, you are ugly and unlovable. So I called that girl up and reminded her of who she is and how amazing she is. THIS IS A REMINDER FOR YOU … [Continue Reading...]


Dalley Family Motto

          For a while now I have been thinking about a family motto. Something to hang on the wall as a powerful reminder of who we are and what we are capable of. I even asked all of you to share the quotes that inspire your soul and there were so many that I wrote down for future reference but none stirred my soul like this one does~     I know when you read it you think ya so?? but let me give you a peek into my heart and brain and maybe it will stir something in you … [Continue Reading...]

body image and intimacy

You are YOUR Body- Body Image and Intimacy part 2

    I think I have been doing you a disservice by promoting "you are not your body." and I am sorry.   It really is a lie.   Your body is a part of you whether you want it to be or not.   I have struggled with my body image since I was in elementary school. I would stand in front of a mirror and pick myself apart.  Hoping that one day I would look at my reflection and see all the things I wanted it to look like reflected back at me. The reflection in the mirror was never enough and these thoughts … [Continue Reading...]


20 Random Things about ME

I sometimes think I come across as serious and boring on the blog because I share all my deep thoughts. I'd like to think I am more light and airy with a few dark clouds. wink. wink. I was challenged on Instagram to share 20 random things about myself and since I hate typing on my phone I thought I would share them here instead.  So here are some more pieces to my puzzle. I should add...that thinking of 20 things about myself to share is hard work- I might need a nap later. Ha!   Here goes nothing:     1. I LOVE to … [Continue Reading...]