The Power of Words

A Science Experiment with the Power of Words

We’ve all heard about the power of words, right?  Well, last year I decided to put it to the test. Because there’s no real way to measure the effect of our words on another human being (and because I would NEVER be willing to speak negatively to another person for experimentation’s sake) I set out to test the theory on a pair of plants. Here’s how it all came down:   I placed two identical plants in the same window sill, and gave them the same amount of water at the same time each day. I even rotated the plants, just to be sure … [Continue Reading...]

Stop the abuse

STOP the ABUSE- My Messy Beautiful

For a long time I was convinced that God sent me here broken and messy. I just thought it was my cross to carry, my burden to bear.  As time went on the more angry I became with the mess that was me.  Angry that I was different. Angry that life was hard. Angry that I didn't understand why I was the way I was.  Angry that there was a voice in my head that never left me alone. A voice that belittled, controlled, and beat me up. A voice that destroyed me; until one day I woke up and had no idea who I was or where I had gone. The battle wounds were … [Continue Reading...]

The Power of Words

The Power of Words- An Experiment

This month we are focusing on the POWER of Words and how they can echo throughout time, for either positive or negative. I LOVED this little video put together by some boys for the girls in their youth group. WORDS are POWER- Use your power for good. xoxo … [Continue Reading...]

why the hell not

Why the HELL NOT?!

Each year I pick a motto to help me get through life. Last years was "it is what it is" and served me well.  When life gave me it's mountains, I looked at life and said "it is what it is", put on my hiking boots and got climbing. When something happened that was discouraging or hard- it got a "it is what it is" as I tried to make it un-hard. If you ask any of my friends it was a phrase that I said often about my own life and also others.   This year my motto didn't come easy and it was really hard to find one that would keep me on … [Continue Reading...]

doing it all

How to do it ALL- The REAL Life Version

I would love a post on HOW TO DO IT ALL???!!!!   She asked, so imma gonna tell ya.... MAKE SURE to take lot's of notes because the things I am about to share will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE. (feel free to email me with your gratitude for teaching you HOW TO DO IT ALL)     Step 1- Start on the internet. Head on over to Facebook. Pinterest and Insta. There are posts all over the internet, full of inspiration on how to live the BEST, awesomest, happiest, most amazing life.  I mean scroll through Pinterest for 5 minutes and be … [Continue Reading...]

Body Image

Body Image & Intimacy in Marriage- My truths. My story.

There we sat in therapy talking about sex... and.... our marriage.... and.... me.... and my crazy way of thinking when it came to my body.   " I love her just the way she is. I think she is beautiful." he said   To which I quickly retorted "He has to say that, he is my husband."    He grunted in frustration and rolled his eyes. This discussion was one we have had often, but never in front of anyone else. In my head husbands are obligated to tell us we are beautiful and they love us, even in our ugly, unloveable … [Continue Reading...]


Love Yourself There!

February is LOVE month, right?  Whether it is romantic love, friendship love, familial love, we celebrate LOVE!  We give Valentine's Gifts and notes of appreciation and do heart attacks on people's doors.  We create Valentine's Boxes for school and a Love Note jar for home. We make pillows and banners and cookies and candies. L-O-V-E is IN THE AIR and all around.   Going into 2014, however, I was made beautifully aware through pain of a love affair I had very much neglected for too long.   See, I had this thing that I was working … [Continue Reading...]


8 Ways to focus on Healthy not Skinny

Guest Post from Tiffany Rudd over at I've been thinking a lot lately about how we often judge health in our society strictly based on size and weight. I hope you don't mind, I'm going to get personal here for a minute to prove that it just isn't true. 13 years ago, as a freshman in college, I was at the lowest weight I can remember. I got so many compliments on how fantastic I looked and how skinny I was. I even remember telling people my weight loss was probably just from all the extra walking across … [Continue Reading...]

positive self image

3 Ways to create a Positive Self Image

    The other day I was speaking to a room full of women. They varied in age from teenage girls to elderly women. Before I began my talk I asked each of them to close their eyes as I asked them 2 questions. They were instructed to raise their hand if the answer to the question was yes.     The first question was asked: “If you love your body and don’t want to change anything about it, please raise your hand.” Not one hand went up.   I then asked the 2nd question “If you have a positive perception of … [Continue Reading...]

Girls NIght Out

Girls Night Out- Smitten Style

I want to meet you in person! No more cyber friends...real life I have hugged you and talked over dinner with you friends. So.... I am putting together a little GIRLS NIGHT OUT to make that happen. Call up your BEST gal pals and make a date for Saturday, March 1st at 6pm . We will be meeting at City Creek Shopping Center in downtown Salt Lake City. We will eat, talk, laugh, do a little shopping and make new friends. I am wanting to make reservations at one of the restaurants in City Creek but I need a head count on who is coming before I can … [Continue Reading...]