Brook Hammond- Attorney and Motivational Author & Speaker

Question:  “Why do you want to listen to anything I have to say?”  Answer:  “I haven’t a clue.”   But, I think we likely have something fundamental in common, which is that our lives don’t look and/or feel like we expected them to.  Each day I am learning to find joy in the unexpected.


My dream was to get married and be a stay at home mother of five kids.  I graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s in Family Science with the idea that I would always need that education because the most certain thing in my life was that I would surely get married and have a large family—ironic.   My girlish dream was to go to law school; so when I was not married and wasn’t having my five children at age 23, I decided to go for it.  It was more of an “insurance policy” in the event that my “unknown” but surely soon-to-be husband left me widowed in my unknown future.  I did marry and have one amazing son, but life changed dramatically and I cashed in on that insurance policy when I became a young single mother.  I do not have any more children(yet!), and I am not married(yet!).  But, I still have hope!  My life’s dream may have shifted a little, but I am happy and have been well cared for by my Heavenly Father.


Professionally, I have earned the right to belong to an exclusive attorney group called the “Million Dollar Advocate Forum.” I am a trial attorney and have been practicing personal injury law for ten years (licensed in both Nevada and Utah.)  A fun tidbit about me is that I am a part of Nevada’s history as Miss Nevada USA 1995, and a motivational youth speaker since 1991.  I am a monthly contributor to PRISTeen Magazine, a teen fashion magazine that focuses on girls’ inner beauty.

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