Wedding Gifts – Thoughtful and Frugal

I have been thinking about this month’s theme for quite a while and if I’m being totally honest it has terrified me.  When I first think weddings my mind goes directly to that little girl fantasy place in my mind full of all the grandiose frilliness.  But when it comes down to my expertise on weddings – I got nothing!  I have been married to my best friend for almost 15 years now, but I only spent a total of $3,000 on my ENTIRE wedding {perhaps my frugality started way back then}.  Honestly, I was so excited to be married I was not terribly caught up in the details of the wedding.

That’s it then… my little nugget of wisdom… It’s not the wedding that’s important, it’s the MARRIAGE!! 

Now, that’s my little ditty that may end up as subway art on Pinterest, but I couldn’t just leave you with that.  The best part about any good party is the gifts, right?  But you shouldn’t have to break the bank to show the new happy couple how much you care about them and are excited for their new union.  Here are ten super cute ideas for some thoughtful and frugal gift ideas… Enjoy!



1.  Wire Words – The Grocery Geek {that’s me}

This was such a fun project!  Imagine what you could do for a wedding: love, forever, eternity, the couple’s last name, or a monogram.  Use their wedding colors or just use some leftover yarn you have laying around the house and you have one cute gift.  Plus, after you spend $4 on the galvanized wire, you can get several words done for more than one bride and groom.

2.  Conversation Coasters – My Computer is My Canvas

My good friend Colette has some super cute printables.  This one can be put together for a great inexpensive gift.  Print these coasters and glue them onto some .25 tiles from the hardware store.  Add some glaze on top and tie them all together with a great bow and you have a gift they are sure to talk about.  {get it? “talk about” – “conversation” – HA}

3.  Quilled Monogram – Craftastical!

Doesn’t this just pop?!  I can’t wait to try this one.  Can you believe this was made with cardstock and a pencil?!?  I just don’t have anything else to add.  The tutorial at the link gives really simple directions.  Have fun!

4.  Can of Dates – My Creative Stirrings

If you have an empty #10 can and some cute wrapping paper you are almost home.  You can splurge a little and put this gift in a $4 paint can from Lowes and add some cute ribbon to the handle.  Depending on your budget you can add some items from the list of dates or even throw in some gift cards to the movies or a restaurant.

5.  Personalized Pyrex – Make it and Love it

Use vinyl to etch the last name of the new couple.  Now they have a dish that will always find its way home.  Plus you can add some hot pads or other kitchen utensils if you want to add a little something extra.



6.  Gift Baskets – Darling Doodles

Speaking of putting gifts together, this gal has some “Darling” ideas!  She even has put together tags to go with them.  I was thinking about a colander, pasta, sauce, olive oil, pasta spoon, and maybe a movie and some popcorn for a dinner and move in a pot.  I also love her taco gift basket…maybe because these two I could easily throw together with items I have on hand in my stockpile {yes, I am just that cheap that I would give away groceries}.  Heck, I could even do a laundry basket with all the laundry fixins too!

7.  Home Town Maps – Young Home Love

How simple and classy do these look?  You could spend time looking for vintage maps of the bride and groom’s home states or you could download and print some at Costco.  Imagine how cool these would look on the wall with a big wooden heart in the middle?  Nice!

8.  Recipe Card Maker – Skip to My Lou

This last idea may take some time and possibly a few other conspirators.  Everyone has a handful of “go-to” recipes for your family, right?  Imagine you are a new wife and need some tried and true dinners to impress your new hubby.  Now imagine you have a few friends who were generous enough to share their best bites with you.  Finally, can you see how awesome these recipes would look typed up, printed and put in a photo album that holds all the recipes?  I think I need to do this one for myself.

9.  Wedding Subway Art – My Digital Creations

So Colette has a sister named Lisa who is just as creative.  It’s really disgusting {love you girls}.  Gather some info and have her put together a personalized subway art for the big day.  Watch for some great sales on frames and you will be a wedding guest hero.

10.  Cash is King

Let’s face it… sometimes you just don’t have time for all these other ideas.  But if you are going to give cash, why not take it up just a notch.  Get a stack of $2 bills from the bank and add a tag that reads:  For the 2 of you.  See?  Cash doesn’t have to be tacky!

I sure hope this helps get those creative juices flowing and you can see how easy it can be to put together gifts that are less likely to be returned or re-gifted {gasp}.  Any newlywed couple would be thrilled to get a gift like these that shows thoughtfulness even if it doesn’t shine like a crystal vase {say it like vaaaaz}.

Wasn’t that fun?!  Here’s something just to make you smile… this is me and my Joe on our wedding day June 6, 1997.  This was before I knew how to straighten my hair and before he let me introduce him to hair products.  Like I said before though, the smiles on our faces don’t ring of people stressing about flowers and decorations, but these two are just so excited to start their eternity together!  It’s all about the MARRIAGE!!


Jen Morris is a Professional Coupon Coach


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