5 Date Night Ideas

I am SUPER excited to be doing a guest post for the gals over here on this new DAH-LING “Smitten By” website! Super cute site, fun Guest Bloggers, killer giveaways, and I just LOVE that the month of April is all about weddings & MARRIAGE! Anything to do with having a “happily ever after” is right up my alley!

I am Tara, one of the *divas* blogging for the website, The Dating Divas.

I am married to my best friend, addicted to crafting & coming up with creative dates for my sweetie & me, AND I loooove blogging with some of my closest friends. Life is good! On The Dating Divas website, we are all about creative ideas that will help strengthen our relationships. My friends & I were determined NOT to become “boring old couples” who sat around and watched TV all day. We wanted to continue the honeymoon… so we decided to take turns coming up with SUPER creative, inexpensive, and fun date ideas that we could all try! I am going to share five of our favorites with you, AND tell you about something FREE you can all have access to, AND end with a giveaway…

Ah….I see that I caught your attention, huh!

Well, hang in there because you are NOT going to want to miss any of these ideas!! You can click on any of the titles to get more information about each creative date idea. Here we go…

Love On The Run

This is one of our most popular date ideas because life is SO fast-paced for everyone nowadays. People are super busy and we don’t always have the time to put together a fun date night. Just like grabbing fast food to go… you can put together a DATE night “to go!” :) Grab a gift bag, print off the darling free printable to glue to the front, print off the list of fun “date ideas on the go” that you can refer to… and gather the materials needed for your NEXT date night. When you are done, you can hide it away as a surprise for you sweetheart OR place it somewhere visible & mark your calendar! Either way, it will be the start to many more great date nights to come! Oh, and the best part? Your sweetheart gets to plan the NEXT one! {Yeppers, we included “His” & “Her” tags to help out with this…}

The Bookstore Date

This one is even EASIER to plan and it’s 100% free! All you need is the free printables included in the post and a local bookstore! Voila! The easiest date night you have ever planned. Now, if you are thinking, “But my husband doesn’t like to read…” or maybe YOU don’t enjoy reading? I promise this will STILL be fun! I am an avid bookworm and my husband is an avid book-avoider… and he absolutely LOVED this date! In fact, he suggested doing it again. On the downloadable printables, there are six tasks listed that you and your spouse get to complete while at the bookstore. They take quite a while since you just MIGHT get caught up in enjoying each one! Head on over to our original post for more details on the different tasks.

Couples Minute to Win It

If you have some fun-loving friends around, then a group date is a blast to organize! Based off the hit TV show, “Minute to Win It,” this date is sure to keep you laughing all night long! With each couple already forming a team, the goal is to complete the hilarious tasks within a minute. Some of the tasks are done by one team member and some can be completed by both. I have played this with my friends multiple times, with my family, and I even had my students playing these games during one of our parties {I teach 5th grade}. Every time, it is a complete hit! My ultimate favorite is called, “Face the Cookie.” The participants place a cookie on their forehead and have to maneuver it down their face and into their mouths withOUT using their hands! Soooo funny to watch and you would be surprised how many of my little 10-year-old students were able to do it! {LOL}

The “Funky Town” Date

Another FUN group date that is for extreme EXTROVERTS is the Funky Town Date. When I was in College, I think I must have dated the most outgoing & creative guys on campus! I can’t believe HALF of the crazy things we did on our dates! I took a few of my most fun memories and combined them into what we now call… “Funky Town!” It was even BETTER experiencing these hilarious activities with my husband and our crazy friends! From eating with crazy utensils, to going to a thrift shop & choosing unforgettable outfits for each other, and ending the night with bowling… with a TWIST – we created an unforgettable memory! This date was one of my all-time favorites!

Spring Olympics

This one can be just for you & your husband OR you can turn it into a fun group date. With Spring time upon us, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful weather! By utilizing supplies around the house, you will be able to put together your OWN Olympic Games! The thought of sitting on a skateboard & using a plunger to “paddle” away completely cracks me up! If the ideas contained in this post aren’t totally up your alley, then use your creative juices… look around your house and make up different events. Don’t forget to run by the Dollar Store to grab some Olympic Medals!

Now that we have you all set for your next FIVE date nights, you might be wondering what our website all about! :) I told you a little above….but in case you were curious….our website is what happens when a BUNCH of super crafty friends get together & come up with solutions for strengthening their marriages.

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Stop on by The Dating Divas to get more ROMANCE tips so you can keep dating that amazing spouse of yours! We love spreading the word about our blog….and we hope it will strengthen YOUR relationship as much as it has ours!!

Thanks again for letting me hang out with the “Smitten By” crew today!


We have compiled the BEST of our best date ideas PLUS some never-before-seen creative dates & put them all into this GORGEOUS ebook! It’s valued at $37 and we are giving away a copy to a lucky “Smitten By” reader! This giveaway ends on Sunday, April 15th – so be sure to enter!!

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  1. Racheal Smith says:

    My favorite date was with my husband, when he took me to a museum and then we talked about marriage for the first time outside.

  2. Cara Higley says:

    I would have to say my most favorite date was on our 1st Anniversary. My husband arranged for us to ride the trax into the city, we ate at a nice restaurant, took a carriage ride around the town and it dropped us off at a bed and breakfast for the night. Ahhhhhh. Loved it!!!

  3. Sandra N. says:

    My husband surprised me taking the day off of work, and leading me on a day I would never forget!! He left for work so I just started my day as usual, but then he came home 15 minutes later with breakfast for me and a letter which stated that I needed to get dressed and be ready to have the time of my life! The first stop was a park where he pulled out my favorite dessert and favorite drink. We spent about an hour talking and feeding the ducks and enjoying our time together. Then he pulled out a second letter which had a map of our local baseball field and that he was taking me to my first baseball game ever!! After the game he gave me my last letter which stated that he was taking me to my favorite restaurant for a romantic dinner!! When we arrived home later that night I was surprised to see 2 dozen of my favorite type of roses in a beautiful vase, rose petals on the bed, a large teddy bear and a box!! When I opened the box it was a James Avery charm bracelet with charms to represent things we had done that day (a duck, a baseball glove, a rose and a heart with my initial)!! =)

  4. Hmmm…my favorite date….I’m thinking it was an at home date where we had dinner in our room and then played a massage game we have. To play the massage game, you take turns giving each other massages according to what you spin on the spinner. The spinner tells you what body part to massage, what type of massage to give, and what type of massage oil to use. Very relaxing and fun!

  5. best date… hum… out on the hood of a car eating ice cream in tuperware, watching the sun set. :-)

  6. Annika Dohrman says:

    My favorite date was going to Olive Garden for dinner and being completely surprised by my husband when he proposed! Completely unexpected and brought tears to my eyes!

  7. The best date I’ve ever been on was the third date I went on with my husband. We went on a drive through the mountains to look at all the fall colors on the leaves in the trees. I was super nervous about his “crazy” driving (and I made sure to let him know that), but we laughed and talked and got to know each other a lot better during the drive. We stopped at a lookout by the river up there in the mountains and adventured through the trees a little, too. It was such a peaceful and comfortable feeling being up there with him. It definitely showed me that I this relationship was going in the right direction! Afterwards, we stopped and grabbed a bite to eat. I will never forget this adventure, and I am constantly making more with him everyday! :)


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