What I would tell my 39-week pregnant self…

I had my first little girl when I was 24, so I was pretty young. Not really by Utah standards, but by worldly standards I was a baby. I was absolutely thrilled to be a mother, and as I am 2 months away from delivering another baby girl I have all of those same emotions this time around too. I’m excited, nervous and grateful. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of all the things, good and bad, I would have told myself before giving birth for the the first time.


-when you go into labor, you will know. Contractions feel like nothing you have experienced before.


-birth without an epidural is totally possible, so don’t listen to people who give you a hard time.


-if it so happens that you have a bowel movement on the table while pushing, you will not die of embarrassment. At that moment all you will care about is pushing that 8 pound baby out.


-spend as much time as you can with just you and that squishy newborn. This is your time to bond.


-enjoy the hospital. It’s the last time you will get waited on for a while.


-you are not insane, and once you get some sleep you will start to feel more like yourself again.


-breastfeeding hurts…like really, really hurts. So be patient and buy lots of lanolin.


-its normal to cry when your husband goes to the grocery store without you for the first time days after birth. Soon, you will wish he would just do the stupid grocery shopping full-time by himself.


-take naps. Forget about the laundry and cleaning, because as soon as you start feeling better, everyone in the house starts feeling better.


-take lots of video of your new little one. Especially in the first couple months, because they are constantly changing.


-keep a journal for baby where you can write down your thoughts and emotions for them to read later.


-learn the 5 s’s. Swaddle, side position, shushing sounds, swinging, and sucking. They will save your life.


-you know your baby better than anyone else, so do what is best for you and her.


-enjoy changing poopy diapers that consist of only breast milk or formula, you will learn why soon.


-most importantly, soak up all those little moments of newborn perfection, because soon enough it will be a distant memory and watching those videos of your little one will make your eyes well up with tears and make you consider doing it all over again.


Whitney Tibbs- Health and Home Decor

Motherhood has always been a dream of mine, and now that I have arrived, I endeavor to find a little joy in every day. My 2 year-old daughter, Monroe, is my little gal pal, full of sweetness and spunk. I’m lucky to have a wonderful partner in my husband, Jeff.  He helps keep me grounded and happy, while working the crazy schedule of a CPA.  I love to learn and am always seeking knowledge.  I graduated in Health and Promotion from the University of Utah, and have a great passion for health and wellness. I also am a bit obsessed with home design and decor, which is mostly fueled by blogging and Pinterest.  For me happiness is about balance, and I’m always striving to seek just the right formula.

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  1. Lisa Boynton says:

    Great post, Whitney! Love you!

  2. Great post, many also applicable for first time adoptive mothers…with a few changes. :)

  3. Charlene Mendez says:

    I just had my last child 4 months ago, I have six kids all with the same husband and got married at age 18 and had my first 10 months after marriage. I think I was considered a baby in the world, lol. When I read you were 24 with your first and that was considered baby to the world I had to laugh. :) I am now 28, kids ages 9-4 months. I love being a mother too! It is the best calling in the world, everything you do as a mother makes a huge impact on your kids. I can’t see myself doing anything else. That being said, I love going to my own mother for advice or just to talk to, she is my best friend. I value our relationship so much and I hope with all my heart my kids will be like that with me when they are older. For now, I enjoy playing Kadoo, having movie nights with my kiddos while they cuddle around me, and just live in the moment! :) I love being a mom!

  4. Charlene Mendez says:

    Just fyi I went to the hospital 6 different times, (I had never done that before) before having my daughter. Every pregnancy is different and so is every delivery, what worked one way with one may not work the same with another. I had 4 natural out of my 6. I am grateful for the natural ones and the other 2 that were required to be epidural, because of medical reasons. Just keep your options open, so if something doesn’t go the way you want it to, it won’t be so bad. Take care and congrats on your future little blessing! :)

  5. Shannon Landheim says:

    Great words of wisdom and advice, Whitney! Hopefully, new Moms will read this and learn from your experience. I can relate to everything , except the “going natural .” Due to the nature of my pregnancies that was never really an option, but I don’t think I would have been brave enough to take it on anyway. Good luck with #2!

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