Congratulations! You are logged on to Smittenby and reading this post which means that you are doing something right this moment to learn something new! You might want to start noticing how many times a day you are learning and trying new things…these moments occur a lot more often than you may think. Each moment carries an energy that influences how you feel, so notice moments throughout the day when you feel inspired, enlightened, or encouraged…these moments will direct you towards trying new things and being more in tune with your spirit.


Learn to follow your spirit.


How do you listen to your spirit?


You begin by learning to trust yourself!


As you find opportunities to try new things and expand your education, practice becoming a master at the art of trusting yourself. With every new experience comes a fantastic opportunity to believe in your uncovered abilities and follow your spirit. When you let your spirit be in the driver seat for your journey, you will be guided to what is happy, purposeful, fun, and inspiring for you.


It’s really tough to learn a new skill or master a new principle if you doubt yourself! So….don”t doubt yourself!


Trust yourself instead!



Trusting yourself takes practice. You might be interested in learning something new, but then talk yourself out of it for fear of failure or even feelings of guilt that you should spend your time doing something else. When you have an interest arise, pay attention to see if it resonates with your spirit. Trust that this opportunity is serving you to know yourself better.


Ask yourself these three questions.


  1. Do I want this?
  2. Do I get excited about the possibilities of this?
  3. Do I trust myself to try this?


If you answered “yes” to all three questions…. then go for it! If you answered “no” to the last question… then go for it and practice trusting yourself!


You see, your brain can fire massive amounts of doubt and fear at your spirit. Don’t let your brain win these battles! Fire back with trust and courage to allow your spirit to emerge more fully as its true self so you can accomplish what you were designed to!




Trying is the beauty of learning!


SO…if you discover that project just isn’t for you or you loose your interest in a topic, didn’t you get to know yourself better because you tried?


And in all of your trying, you are becoming! -Becoming strong, knowledgeable, compassionate, courageous, experienced, truthful, and most of all…trusting! – Trusting that you follow your spirit as your inner compass to BECOME….all that you are meant to be!


KYMAH TIP: Choose to be a believer! Be a believer that you can accomplish your objective and that everything works together for good! Take 3-5 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning and breathe in deeply, feeling your chest move. While you breathe, breathe in the word “strength” and breathe out the word “strength”. In doing this, you are connecting to the power you have to accomplish what you believe. And never forget…your Higher Power is the source of all your power.

Happy believing!







Amy is a gifted Life Coach and Energy Therapist

She helps people and businesses every day find balance and success.

You can schedule a session or book a class with her at:

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  1. Brook Hammond says:

    I love that you say “Do I trust myself to try this?” I haven’t thought about that before and I like it! It gives immediate power instead of doubt. Love it! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing!

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