Frozen by Words- The Power of Words Series

 As I watched the move “Frozen”, I couldn’t help but make some comparisons between Elsa and my own experience. As the movie opens, you see Elsa happily playing with her younger sister. An accident happens and Elsa is forced to abandon who she is and conceal her true nature. In the song sequence of “Let […]

If I had a Magic Wand- The Power of Words Series

I sit, motionless, still reeling from the words I had just heard. The words ache in my ears. The tears don’t come just yet, but they are beginning to burn fiercely as they well up. Then, like a flood gate they flow, almost unending for days on end… The words, you ask? Confirmation. Science in […]

A Science Experiment with the Power of Words

The Power of Words

We’ve all heard about the power of words, right?  Well, last year I decided to put it to the test. Because there’s no real way to measure the effect of our words on another human being (and because I would NEVER be willing to speak negatively to another person for experimentation’s sake) I set out […]

STOP the ABUSE- My Messy Beautiful

Stop the abuse

For a long time I was convinced that God sent me here broken and messy. I just thought it was my cross to carry, my burden to bear.  As time went on the more angry I became with the mess that was me.  Angry that I was different. Angry that life was hard. Angry that […]

How to do it ALL- The REAL Life Version

doing it all

I would love a post on HOW TO DO IT ALL???!!!!   She asked, so imma gonna tell ya…. MAKE SURE to take lot’s of notes because the things I am about to share will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE. (feel free to email me with your gratitude for teaching you HOW TO DO IT ALL)   […]

Body Image & Intimacy in Marriage- My truths. My story.

Body Image

There we sat in therapy talking about sex… and…. our marriage…. and…. me…. and my crazy way of thinking when it came to my body.   ” I love her just the way she is. I think she is beautiful.” he said   To which I quickly retorted “He has to say that, he is my […]

Love Yourself There!


February is LOVE month, right?  Whether it is romantic love, friendship love, familial love, we celebrate LOVE!  We give Valentine’s Gifts and notes of appreciation and do heart attacks on people’s doors.  We create Valentine’s Boxes for school and a Love Note jar for home. We make pillows and banners and cookies and candies. L-O-V-E […]

Girls Night Out- Smitten Style

Girls NIght Out

I want to meet you in person! No more cyber friends…real life I have hugged you and talked over dinner with you friends. So…. I am putting together a little GIRLS NIGHT OUT to make that happen. Call up your BEST gal pals and make a date for Saturday, March 1st at 6pm . We […]

WIN the ULTIMATE “Valentine’s Day Basket” + Blog Hop


  Love is in the air, my friends!   Smitten is celebrating February, 14th 2014 with an incredible giveaway that you won’t want to miss!   Are you ready for this?! TWENTY-EIGHT of our FAVORITE bloggers have put together amazing Valentine’s Day baskets filled with everything you will need for fun, romantic night! That’s right, […]

A few lessons I am Learning………


It has been a long time since I have written anything from my heart. I guess that is because I was writing for others and not for myself. It is funny thing- being a writer. It has healed a lot of wounds for me and yet it has created some too. I have learned the […]

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