Changing our Focus- Beautiful YOU


    Last week I started the Beautiful You challenge on social media. I started  it because it is hard for me to look in the mirror and love anything that I see. I see pictures and I pick myself apart. I know I am not the only one in the world who struggles with […]

Are you a FIXER or a Builder?

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.30.24 PM

This is a post I have been avoiding.  It is one I am going to freak out when I hit the publish button BUT I am going to write it anyway in the hopes that maybe just one person is impacted by my words.   I have an eating disorder.   I restrict what I […]

Why are People so MEAN?


Why are people so mean??? I have been asking myself this same question for awhile now, and I have seen many of you asking the same question the last few days.  What causes people to forget their humanity and go hog wild with judgment and hate? Are they just hateful people? Do they believe their […]

The Impossible- The Power of Words Series

The Power of Words

    Words are a funny thing. No matter how effortlessly they fly off the tongue, their weight is undeniable; if not for the speaker, then for the listener and if not in the present, then in the future. At their best they become a catalyst from which we set great things in motion. At […]

Passing Judgement- The Power of Words Series

The Power of Words

Hi, I’m Briton from Rad Mom Cool Kid, a lifestyle blog where I share a little bit of everything! Travel tips, photography, recipes, beauty…if you dumped out Mary Poppins’ bag, that would be my blog! I’m excited to share an experience with you today, one that still stings a little but I’m glad to have […]

Refuse to Sink- Our Sacred


    I saw this quote the other day on a post my cousin Gina wrote on her blog Birth Mother Baskets. For some reason it spoke not quietly to my heart, but shouted to the deepest part of it. I’d like to share why those words had a power over me and awakened my […]

The Power of Words and how it Changed my Life

I’ve come to an important realization. I am utterly clueless about music these days. I submit the following facts as evidence: –  I don’t own an iPod or any kind of a decent music system –  I probably have less than 20 songs on my phone and I listen to them like once a week. […]

Frozen by Words- The Power of Words Series

 As I watched the move “Frozen”, I couldn’t help but make some comparisons between Elsa and my own experience. As the movie opens, you see Elsa happily playing with her younger sister. An accident happens and Elsa is forced to abandon who she is and conceal her true nature. In the song sequence of “Let […]

If I had a Magic Wand- The Power of Words Series

I sit, motionless, still reeling from the words I had just heard. The words ache in my ears. The tears don’t come just yet, but they are beginning to burn fiercely as they well up. Then, like a flood gate they flow, almost unending for days on end… The words, you ask? Confirmation. Science in […]

A Science Experiment with the Power of Words

The Power of Words

We’ve all heard about the power of words, right?  Well, last year I decided to put it to the test. Because there’s no real way to measure the effect of our words on another human being (and because I would NEVER be willing to speak negatively to another person for experimentation’s sake) I set out […]

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